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New Product – Folding Wheelchair Ramps made of Steel

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Discount Ramps has added another wheelchair loading ramp to it’s selection. This new wheelchair ramp is very economical compared to many other portable ramps as it is made entirely out of steel, whereas the vast majority of other ramps are constructed out of a light-weight aluminum material. Some may wonder why you would want a steel folding wheelchair ramp, and there are a few good quality answers to that question. They are as follows:

  1. Steel folding wheelchair ramps are generally cheaper and more affordable than aluminum ramps. Not because they are a lesser quality product, but because aluminum is a more expensive material compared to steel. We want our customers to remember that just because a ramp is priced cheap doesn’t mean that the build quality of the ramp is “cheap”. Many of our competitors would like you to believe this, however, it is simply untrue.
  2. Steel ramps usually utilize a  “grate” style surface. This is especially a good option for areas or situations where the scooter or wheelchair being loaded will be muddy or rainy conditions are involved. The grate style surface allows for the ramp and tires to self-clean; meaning mud, water, snow/ice, etc. fall through the grate holes thus allowing maximum traction while loading or entering an area.
  3. Steel ramps are sometimes a better option as steel is a harder metal compared to the aluminum that is typically used on ramps. This makes steel ramps better solutions when they are going to be thrown in and out of pickup trucks or other areas where a stiff surface may scratch or dent the ramp.

Those are just a few things to consider when looking at purchasing one of these new steel wheelchair ramps. Please note that right now Discount Ramps LLC is only offering these steel ramps in 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft lengths. For more details on these steel wheelchair ramps visit

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