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New Product – Black Diamond Drywall Lift

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New to Discount Ramps is the Black Diamond Drywall Lift.  The drywall lift allows you to work with drywall sheets by letting you lift the drywall panel by yourself.  This drywall hoist is able to be quickly assembled or disassembled since it breaks down into 3 pieces.  The drywall panel lift is constructed of heavy duty steel and has a black powder coat finish. To operate the drywall lift, you use the attached 18″ winch wheel and handle.  This winch wheel has a built in safety feature that allows it to be locked to prevent the lift from falling when in use.  Another safety feature of the Black Diamond drywall lift  is that the bottom of the lift has three 4″ lockable casters and a foot stop to prevent it from moving when the lift is being used.  The cradle that holds the drywall is able to rotate 360 degrees and can be tilted 75 degrees to make loading the drywall easier.  This cradle also has sides that can telescope out to 90 inches and 114 inches.  This makes it possible to hold drywall sheets or other material that is 4 feet by 16 feet.  The Black Diamond drywall hoist is able to lift a drywall panel up to 11 feet high and has a weight capacity of 150 lbs.  This drywall panel lift also comes with a 1 year warranty.

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View the Instructions for the Black Diamond Drywall Lift.

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