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New Product – Blue Dog Bike Trailer / Dog Stroller

Aug 11, 09 • New Products3 CommentsRead More »
Dog Bike Trailer and Dog Stroller Combo System

Looking to take your dog out to the park or even go for a bike ride? What if you have an older dog, or one with joint problems? Everyone knows most dogs love the out doors, and if your dog has those little problems would you stop them from having fun?  Here at we have the perfect answer for your dog needs and that is our new Pet-Trailer-2 stroller. The Pet-Trailer-2 stroller is engineered for easy assembly, and this means no tools are required during installation. Each piece of the frame snaps together easily which means this stroller / trailer can be setup in just a few minutes. The dog trailer/stroller is strong enough to carry up to 115lbs. The design and engineering put into the Pet-Trailer-2 stroller makes it a safe and comfortable transporter for your lovable pet.

Another option with this dog bike trailer is that you can hook it directly up to your bike. The equipment that is used to attach the dog bike trailer / stroller are strong rubber coated clamps. Take a look at the picture above and you will be able to see how easy this Pet-Trailer-2 stroller hooks up. Other then attaching this pet trailer to your bike, it also can be used as a stroller. If you’re not big into riding a bike, there is an extra wheel attachment for you. With this installed you will be able to stroll your dog around by hand. Added for your safety are reflectors located on the back of the Pet-Trailer-2 stroller. This will insure visibility from others on the road.

There is a zippered screen installed in the front and back of the the Pet-Trailer-2 stroller. This is perfect for, not only ventilation, but to keep bugs and debris from entering the Pet-Trailer-2 stroller. Aside from the zippered screens installed, this dog bike trailer/stroller also has plastic side windows. This is good for you to check up on your dog and lets others see him or her.  The space where your dog will stay extremely spacious depending on the size of your animal. The dimensions of the carrier section are 32″(L) x 23″(W) x 26″(H). For easy transportation the Pet-Trailer-2 stroller has quick releasing pins to remove the wheels. One of the best features about the dog trailer/stroller is that it’s design allows it to fold up easily when not in use. This will save you not only time but space as well. Feel at ease knowing your Pet-Trailer-2 stroller will save space in the garage, closet, car or anywhere else that you plan on storing it. This dog trailer/stroller comes with plastic covers for the front and back vents. It will be great for keeping water out of the dog stroller just in case the weather catches you while you’re out and about. Finally, here at we always guarantee all of our products. The Pet-Trailer-2 stroller comes with a one year warranty.

Dog and pet stroller dimensionsPet stroller and dog trailer wheel removal

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3 Responses to New Product – Blue Dog Bike Trailer / Dog Stroller

  1. Himmel, Lydia says:

    September 21, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Guten Tag,
    wir interessieren uns für den Pet-Trailer-2 Kinderwagen (Blue Dog Bike Trailer) Versenden Sie ihn auch nach Deutschland? Unser Hund (Golden Retriever) wiegt ca. 46 kg. Glauben Sie, dass er in den Wagen passt?
    Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten?
    Wie lang ist die Lieferzeit?

    Bitte antworten Sie uns schnell.
    Vielen Dank Lydia Himmel mit Sam und Louis

    September 22, 2009 at 3:21 am

    good mornig, we send you yesterday a mail, because we are really interested in your:

    Blue Dog Bike Trailer / Hund Kinderwagen von Discount Ramps

    we send the mail in german, so you maybe could not read it.
    first of all: do you send to germany?
    has the stroller a suspension and airwheels/tyres?
    how much is the total price incl. the cost of sending?
    we only need the stroller to take it by hand, not by bike. so we need the hand equipment. we hope to hear from you soon, because our dog SAM, golden retriever, is very ill because of his hip.
    thank you very much. lydia and sam

  2. Trailer Pete says:

    What a brilliant idea! I think my dog would love being pulled along, because he’s so downright lazy!

  3. takayo says:

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