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New Product – Signature Series Suitcase Ramp for Wheelchairs

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Today at Discount Ramps we have a special product we’d like to introduce you to. Here we have, like many a ramp, the SUITCASE® RAMP Signature Series™ from EZ-Access. The thing that is real special about this suitcase ramp — other then the price or sleek design — is this is one of the newest and most durable wheelchair ramps that we now offer for sale.  This mobility wheelchair ramp is made with a lightweight yet high quality aircraft aluminum material. Not only is this wheelchair ramp extremely light for it’s size but the ramp also comes with a weight capacity of 800lbs to handle almost any wheelchair loading situation. This Signature Series suitcase ramp is perfect for loading wheelchairs & scooters. Another great feature on this SUITCASE® RAMP Signature Series™ is that it has a built in skid-resistant traction surface, which is ideal to have on a ramp like this to prevent any injuries during the loading procedure. The traction surface makes it safer and easier to load and unload almost any wheelchair or scooter as long as the incline of the ramp is sufficient enough to make loading and unloading possible.  If you’re not sure about the size or length of ramp that you will need to get the recommended incline for loading your wheelchair we encourage you to contact our sales staff at 1-888-651-3431!

Signature series SUITCASE RAMP from EZ-ACCESS

Many other features have been engineered into the SUITCASE RAMP Signature Series. For instance this ramp is equipped with a no-pinch, non-protruding, maintenance-free hinge system. This allows for quick and easy folding and unfolding of the ramp along with adding extra strength to give it the durability and weight capacity required to tackle the job. The handles installed on the signature ramps are ergonomic and designed to resist breakage. One of the final features on our new SUITCASE RAMP series from EZ-Access is the top and bottom transition plates. These transition plates self adjust in case the surface as to which the ramp is placed on is uneven. We have a wide range of lengths available in our SUITCASE RAMP series. Lengths ranging from 2′ all the way to 8′ length. A great add on to this series is the Top Lip Extension and cargo wedge. This add on is an ideal mix for our Ramp Signature Series. It is optional, but makes the job much easier especially for loading in to an SUV or Minivan.

Handle of the Suitcase Ramp Suitcase Ramp Bottom Plate

View the product page for more details and specifications on this Signature Series SUITCASE RAMP from EZ-Access.

If you are looking for an alternative to our Suitcase Ramp please see our full product line of portable wheelchair ramps.

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