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New Product – Race Car Scale Ramps

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Car Scale Ramps

Car Scale Ramps for Race Cars and other vehicles

Discount Ramps now has car scale race ramps. Our new floor scale ramps are used for putting your low profile race car up on the weight scale providing for an easy transition. We know that at the track you want to be on and off the scale and back on the track this is why these race ramps were specifically engineered to be lightweight portable scale ramps. These lightweight ramps are great for both weekend warriors and race professionals. These ramps are made from a light weight composite material that gives each ramp a slip resistant texture so that you won’t have to worry about the vehicle slipping off or spinning the tires on these racing scale ramps. As stated above these car scale ramps are extremely portable and lightweight which means that they are rather easy to store away in your trailer or vehicle. They sit at a 7.8 degree angle so you will not bottom the race car out on the scale itself. You can see an illustration of the ramps’ dimensions below for quick reference.
Race Car Scale Ramp Dimensions
The RR-scale ramps are 14″ long, 12″ wide, and 2.5″ tall. The size of these ramps make them perfect for 15″ race scales that are 2.5″ wide. They have a 1,500lb weight capacity, yet together are lighter than a gallon of paint and allow almost any race vehicle to be driven across them. The RR-Scale ramps also come in a longer version.
The RR-Scale-2 race ramp is 30 inches long 12 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall. It’s longer design provides a more gradual transition for extremely low profile cars and lets the vehicle sit and settle before going on to the race scale. The scale ramps work well for letting your cars weight shift evenly to all four tires before slipping on the race scale for whatever sanctioning body you are with. These RR-Scale ramps have been built to accommodate practically any kind of car whether it be your Circle Track, Auto cross or Drag car. They are made to withstand 1,500 lbs per ramp or 3,000lbs a set and weigh only 5lbs each.

Long Race Car Scale Ramp

At Discount Ramps your safety is a priority so before using these ramps you should know that people should be clear of the vehicle as the car rolls up the race ramps. Also, you should make sure there is no damage to the ramps before using them to make a transition to the scale. Be sure that you use only a single pair of scale ramps, do not use them as two on one side of the vehicle. When you drive up the ramp make sure that once you reach the top and you are resting on the scale that you set the parking brake. If you’re going to use the race ramps to work on the car make sure the car is set properly and always use jack stands if you’re going under the car. When you’re done weighing or working on the car it is very important to not race off the ramp because it may damage the body work to the automobile.
For more information on other car ramps visit our vehicle ramp page.

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