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New Product – Pier Tender Boat Mooring System

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Pier Tender – Supplemental Boat Mooring System

Pier Tender Boat Mooring System

At Discount Ramps we know that everyone loves their boats, and we understand the difficulties that our customers have when it comes to keeping their boat safe when docked. So we are proud to offer our customers the new Pier Tender Mooring system. This System lets you safely dock your boat almost anywhere you go. The Safe Harbor mooring arms let you save the boats finish by keeping it away from the dock with a 18 – 32 inch docking arm system using telescopic marine grade supports and a robust design. This means that there will be less wear on the side and hull of the boat. Pier Tender is easy to use, versatile, and flexible with an optional pier locking mechanism to safely secure boats. Each of the mooring arms is completely adjustable, extending from 18″ to 32″ away from the dock. The patented snubber/straps are marine grade and manufactured to stabilize the watercraft while the wind blows and the waves crash. This is a great product to have as bumpers alone will not stop the boat from rubbing into the dock. The supplemental boat mooring system is easy to install and remove. Not only that but because of its compact and slim design it can be stored almost anywhere when not in use. The pier tender mooring arm system works great in both salt water and lake water with no effect in the way that it holds the boat away from the dock. The dock mooring system can be set up to work with almost any safe and properly maintained dock. It makes it easy to embark or disembark from the dock while being versatile enough to be permanent or temporary. This system is safe, simple and portable if at home or away.

Safe Harbor Mooring Arm System - The Pier Tender

The Pier Tender system’s over all height is 34.5 inches retracted and 53.5 inches extended.  Only weighing a little over 8lbs, its 10 inch base has a 4.5 inch width. The snubber/strap is 14 inches relaxed and 26 inches extended. The mooring system’s maximum capacity is 5,000 pounds (weight of the boat) and 24 feet, the length of the boat. Each Pier Tender is manufactured using lightweight, powder- coated aluminum and stainless steel hardware, which means you’ll enjoy years of trouble free docking. Our dock mooring system is shipped to your door and is packaged to be easily assembled and installed. The Pier Tender manufacturer gives you a 100% satisfaction guaranty! cares about your safety, and we’d like to mention some of the restrictions for safe harbor mooring. You should use this product with a primary mooring system and stay within the primary boat restrictions (24 feet, 5000lbs). Make sure your pier and boat cleats have been carefully checked, if your boat’s cleats are not in pristine condition we recommend that you replace them. The Pier Tender should not be used in an area where water levels fluctuate and is not recommended for non-floating docks in a tidal environment. Anything that would extend the bungee more than 12 inches from its relaxed state should be avoided. Lastly, make sure to read all warnings and the owner’s booklet before using this product. This mooring system is designed to provide a safety zone between your dock and your boat.

Note: Some docking conditions may be too rough for this system.

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One Response to New Product – Pier Tender Boat Mooring System

  1. Randy says:

    This system is great! I got one as a gift from my wife and we’ve used it almost everytime we have gone to our cabin. I recommend this to everyone who is sick of thier boat being beat up by thier dock. This review is spot on in its description!!!

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