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New Product – Freestanding Aluminum Threshold Ramps

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Freestanding Aluminum Threshold Ramp

Aluminum Threshold Ramps for Doorway Access

Discount Ramps is proud to offer these PVI freestanding threshold ramps. These threshold ramps are self-supporting and professionally designed for most outward swinging door entryways. A threshold ramp like these helps a wheelchair bridge gaps between almost any uneven surface (mostly doorways) giving it a nice flush and seamless transitioning directly against the doorway threshold area.  Every single one of these self-supporting ramps are extremely durable, as they are made from welded light weight and weather resistant aluminum. What else would you expect from Discount Ramps? We provide the largest and most discounted selection of light weight, durable, and safe wheelchair ramps available anywhere!  These new, self-supporting threshold ramps from PVI are a prime example of our devotion to offering the best for the least. These doorway ramps are equipped with safety features such as an anti-slip high traction surface. For your safety, Discount Ramps LLC and the manufacturer (PVI) recommend  that you keep the capacity at or under 300lbs per axle, as that is the maximum capacity of these ramps. Also take note that in this style of wheelchair threshold ramp we offer sizes from 1.5 inches to a 3 inch rise.  These are ideal for allowing a wheelchair to make it through doorways and over surfaces with ease! We highly recommend that you don’t let the ramp be taller than that of the step otherwise your door may not swing open. The top of these ramps should sit flush with the entry way.

If you are unsure of what length ramp you need we recommend that you use our wheelchair ramp calculator to find out the length for you. We created this handy wheelchair ramp length calculator so that our customers can order the right ramp the first time as we know time is money and the headaches of shipping an incompatible ramp and having to wait can be endless.

Freestanding Threshold Ramp against a doorway

We have four different sizes in these PVI ramps. The first model is the SSTH1636-1.5 which is 16 inches long 36 inches wide and has a rise of 1.5 inches. It weighs only 8lbs. Item SSTH2436-2 is 24 inches long and 36 inches wide but has a rise of 2 inches, thus making the weight of it a little heavier at 12lbs. SSTH2436-2.5 is also 24 inches long and 36 inches wide but has a rise of 2.5 inches and also weighs 12 lbs. The last one we offer is SSTH2436-3; this item is 24 inches long 36 inches wide but has a rise of 3 inches and weighs 12 lbs.

NOTE: This product line of threshold ramps is being offered with Free Shipping like many of our other wheelchair ramp products!

Visit our website for more detailed features and pricing for these Self-Supporting Threshold Ramps.

If you require an alternative style we encourage you to visit our Threshold Ramp Category Page.

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