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Havana Pet Hammock Seat Cover

Discount Ramps is now proud to offer the Havana Pet Hammock Seat Cover!  The pet hammock protects a vehicle’s rear seat. The hammock is lightweight and made from a waterproof PVC nylon fabric that keeps not only your back seat from getting wet, but your pets from falling down on the back seat floor. This hammock creates a self-contained area in the back seat that keeps your pet and its hair and messes from damaging or hurting the interior of your vehicle. The pet hammock can take your pet’s worst and cleans up just as fast. This travel hammock for your pet is made to universally fit any type of vehicle from your compact sedan to your SUV. So if you love to take your pet with you but, hate that it leaves behind a huge mess, this is the product for you.  Repelling dirt and moisture, while keeping your pet safe, is not the only thing the Pet Hammock does, it can be folded and used in between the front seats to create a barrier — to prevent your pet from climbing up front while you’re driving. This hammock may also be used as a barrier between your back seat passenger and your pet.

The Discount Ramps model number for the Havana Pet Hammock Seat Cover in black is 4008Z-BLACK, and in grey is 4008Z-GRAY. Made from a soft waterproof, PVC nylon design and 4 attachment straps to give you various configurations including:

  • Full Pet Hammock: Attach all four straps
  • Seat Cover with no barrier: Attach the two rear straps
  • Pet Barrier: Attach the two front straps
  • Cargo Liner: For SUV’s and Vans where space is ample enough it can be laid flat out

Two 8.5 inch x 7.25 inch Velcro pockets are attached to the hammock for extra space and storage of treats, chew toys, leash, water, etc. The 58 inch by 56 inch pet hammock is lightweight and easy to install, with four adjustable straps to wrap around head rest.  Also included is a Travel bag that measures 10 inches in height by 13.5 inches in width and has a 2 inch diameter. Plus, this hammock folds nicely and can be stored just about anywhere. As with many of the products sold by Discount Ramps, you are given a one year manufacture’s warranty.

If your pet has trouble climbing into your vehicle, is unable to be lifted, or you are tired of lifting the pet into your vehicle but love to take them with you when you are driving than you should check out are dog ramp systems website.

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