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FlexRamp Wheelchair Ramp System

Discount Ramps is now proud to offer the FlexRamp wheelchair ramp system that allows you to convert your mini-van, full-size van, SUV, pick up, or commercial van to be wheelchair accessible.  The same set up that you use for your vehicle can be used for entering and leaving your house too. This system is used to access one’s residency by extending the Flex-Ramp system over existing stairs. The ultra lightweight aluminum alloy construction gives you strength and durability; this is shown by the ramp being able to carry 780 pounds at any given time. This system locks into a plate mounted inside the vehicle or inside your house by pins, which allow it to be folded up between uses or removed to use in another system. As another option, you can get two wheel hand carts that feature a built in mounting plate for the FlexRamp wheel chair ramp to attach and be discharged from, keeping it the most unique and easy to use access ramp on the market. Three sizes are available and are specifically designed for mini-vans, SUVs, pickup trucks or your home. If a longer ramp is need you can add optional 16 inch extensions with the turn of a wrench. As a cost effective and efficient portable multi-use wheel chair ramp with an adjustable length and the ability to fold with locking legs for stability!

The Discount Ramps model number for the FlexRamp wheelchair ramp is different for each length. Discount Ramps offers 3 different lengths to fit the multiple needs of the consumer. FlexRamp-Mini is the 92 inch ramp that has a 26 inch tread width and a 28.5 inch overall width. The FlexRamp-Mini weighs only 100 pounds but has a 780 pound capacity making it a great ramp for sliding side door minivans and home usage.  The FlexRamp-Full is the 108 inch ramp that has a 30 inch wide tread and a 33.25 inch overall tread width. This full FlexRamp also has a 780 pound weight capacity and only weighs 135 pounds. We recommend this ramp for side or rear full sized vans and home access. The third length is model number FlexRamp-Ex with measurements of 124 inch long, 39 inch overall width, and has a 36 inch tread width. The largest of the three ramps weighs 151 pounds and has a 900 pound capacity. We recommend this wheelchair ramp for SUVs, pickup trucks, commercial vans, home access, or staircases. Each one of these FlexRamp wheelchair ramps is made from a lightweight, but extremely durable, aluminum alloy. Developed with the care giver in mind, this portable wheelchair ramp can be easily transported for use in more than one area; a fixed mounting plate is installed in your vehicle, and special “L” brackets are used to lock the ramp into the steps. This gives you one ramp for multiple locations!

To learn more about the FlexRamp wheelchair ramp or to place a order visit our wheelchair ramp website.

To find out how long of a ramp you need please visit our wheelchair/scooter ramp calculator website.

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