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Discount Ramps is proud to now offer the Q-Straint Wheelchair Tie-down Systems.  We offer eight different types of wheel chair tie-down systems, and we are sure that we have something to fit your needs at the lowest price possible. Our wheelchair securing systems and tie-downs offer a safe and convenient way to secure a power or electric chair with or without occupants of a bus, van, mini-van, or any other handicapped transport vehicle. Nobody will beat our prices on these high quality, four-point, tie-down systems.

The model numbers for the QRT standard retractable securement systems are Q-8201-L and Q-8200-A-L. This QRT system is the newest generation of wheelchair and occupant restraint tie-downs that has self-tension and will self-lock. These automatic securement systems are more functional, and have more features then any of the others in the industry. The Q-8200-A-L kit comes complete with a lap and shoulder belt and is designed specifically for occupied use. While our Q-8201-L kit is designed to safely secure the mobility wheel chair or scooter. These QRT models are the best choice for a bus company or handicapped transport company. For more information, or to purchase these systems please visit The Q series website!!!

The Q’Straint M-series wheelchair Tie-downs are a low cost, 4-point wheel chair tie-down restraint system. These tie-down kits are for the budget-minded, handicapped/wheelchair transporter. Approved by FMVSS, these high quality systems feature universal J-hooks that mount to all types of wheelchairs that have a center buckle. The M-series tie-downs have an adjustable four-point tie-down system that is rated for up to 30 miles per hour crash test. If you would like to know more or are interested in purchasing either one of the M-series restraint systems, please visit the website.

Discount Ramps offers the QRT MAX Slide n’ Click tie-down wheelchair system. The QRT MAX Slide n’ Click system is the best in wheelchair restraint systems. With this system, there is no manual tension required, and each one of the four high quality retractors is mounted to a Slide N’ Click mechanism; it includes all the necessary mounting hardware that is required for installation. The QRT MAX has its very own self-tension device that makes securing simple. Another great feature of the QRT MAX is it has a red line indicator to tell you if the device is locked. The QRT MAX Slide n’ Click provides not only a safe travel but saves you time. If you are interested in learning more about the QRT MAX please visit our website.

The Q’Straint QRT MAX L Track wheelchair tie-downs are safe and convenient restraints that are for use with “L” tracks.  All four of the restraint systems are high in strength and are quality retractors that come “L” track ready. Meaning when you take them out of the box, you can directly mount them to the L Tracks (not included). There is no manual tensioning required with these systems. The QRT MAX has its own self-tension device for simple securing. If you would like to learn more please visit the Q’Straint QRT MAX L Track wheel chair tie-downs website.

The Q’Straint QRT MAX A Track wheelchair tie-down restraint systems attach to your “A” track so that you can easily transport your passengers. These high quality retractors come ready to be mounted on A Track hardware (not included). Also, like most of the QRT MAX systems their is no manual tension because of a self-tensioning device. The one handed operation of the A track is more conventional and easy to use. The A series restraints also have the Relined indicator to tell you when the device is completely locked. The A-Track mounting plates and hardware are sold separately from the kit. If you would like to know more about the A series restraints please visit the website.

The Q’Straint QRT Max Deluxe L series retractable tie-down restraints are designed by the leading restraint engineering company and are now offered at deep discounts! These kits are engineered to protect users when transporting. These Deluxe L series tie-downs are the most reliable tie-down restraints on the market today! Each Q’Straint kit listed is ADA compliant and they are perfect for commercial or personal use. These Q’Straint kits come with automatic retractors to make the tie-down process much faster and easier! These kits come complete with L-track mounting hardware and four of the deluxe retractable tie-downs. We offer these systems to be purchased with or without the fixed shoulder/lap belts for your convenience. The L tracks are composed of 6351-T6 high grade alloy for the best possible kit. Each of these restraints are 78 inches long and the mounting bolts will fit your existing shoulder belt. If you would like to know more please visit the Discount Ramps QRT MAX Deluxe L series tie-down restraints website.

The Q’Straint vest restraint, for buses only, is one of the safest vest restraints on the market today! The support straps the child in for a safe ride and the chest plate is one of a couple nice features that come with this product. The Q’Straint vest restraint can safely secure a child from 20-150 pounds and comes with all the hardware to do so. This is a simple, yet safe and effective device that meets FMVSS 302 and 213 total safeties and crash tests a 30mph requirement. This item can be installed on many different school buses and is even comfortable for the child passenger. If you would like to know more or purchase this item please visit our Q’Straint Child vest website.

The Q’Straint L Track complete tie-down kit comes complete and ready to be mounted inside your van or bus. Each of the L-track’s mounted four-point, tie-down wheelchair securement strap systems will provide you with a fast and simple way of securing the wheelchair and occupant inside the van or bus. With this item you simply hook the tie-down strap to the wheelchair and tighten it down for secure transport. If you would like to know more about the complete L Track tie-down kit by Q’Straint please visit our website.

Each one of the Q’Straint systems is made with the highest quality materials. Almost every single one has been tested and is FMVSS certified. Don’t take risks with anything but the best! Purchase your Q’Straint wheelchair tie-down systems from Discount Ramps for the best in quality, strength, and reliability. If you would like to purchase or learn more about these systems and more please visit our wheelchair tie-downs website.

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