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Versa-Ramp Ambulance Ramp System

Discount Ramps is proud to offer the Versa-Ramp Ambulance ramp!  This is an EMT-friendly lift that makes it easy to lift the patient and stretch up and into a vehicle, resulting in less work related injuries. It was designed to work in combination with a vehicle’s floor height and most stretcher designs that require patients to be lifted into an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. The ambulance ramp mounts to the rear deck of the vehicle and is pulled outward to receive a stretcher. All an EMT has to do when on the job site is pull out the ramp, direct the patient or the wheel end of the stretcher on the ramp, collapse the legs, and push the patient into the vehicle. It’s been designed to support 900 pounds and is very cost effective compared to motorized and suspension lowering systems for ambulances with a high deck.

This ambulance ramp is a 45 inch long, 29 inch wide, strong, and lightweight ramp that is constructed from the highest quality material — aircraft aluminum. The ramp is made to be moved out of the way safely and easily due to the state of the art hinges and the ability to tilt upwards at 90 degrees so it can stay out of a stretchers way. Quick release pins let the ramp be totally removed in seconds when it has to be. This ramp can be tilted in the downward position.

Versa Ambulance ramp was developed to help out the caregivers, as well. Being lightweight and having a steel frame that goes into the floor of your vehicle, as well as having a unique accordion design, it is super easy to use. This gives the caregiver a cost effective alternative to heavy portable ramps, power lifts, and costly van conversions. All you need to do is fold it down and pull it out, once it’s installed, to be able to have safe and easy access for not only the patients, but the caregivers as well. If you’re in need of a ramp that’s longer than 49 inches, extension sections can be added with the simple tighten and loosening of a few bolts. Extra capacity models are available.

The Discount Ramps model number for the Versa ambulance ramp is VR-29, which is the folding the expandable ambulance ramp. This ramp measures 45 inches in overall length, is 26.5 inches wide on the inside, and 29 inches in overall width. This ramp is lightweight at a mere 19 pounds, but can hold over 20 times its weight. The ambulance ramp has a operational lift weight of 19 pounds. Not only does it help reduce EMT injuries when lifting, it is also helps caregivers make their patients mobile. The two folding support legs, as well as the lightweight aluminum used to produce this Versa ramp, help this ramp support up to 900 pounds. An optional hinge plate, that allows it to rotate 90 degrees for unobstructed access, is model number VR-29-HP. This ramp hinge plate mounting system rotates the VR-29 to a vertical position.

If you are interested in acquiring the Versa Ambulance ramp and/or the VR-29-HP hinge plate please visit our portable wheelchair website at Discount Ramps!

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