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Q-Straint Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

Discount Ramps is proud to offer a handy little life saving innovation called the Q-straint Emergency seat belt cutter. This seat belt cutter is made from a hard plastic and is ergonomically designed to with full hand stability in mind that will quickly slice through seat belts as well as other materials safely to save lives. An essential rescue tool, for all public safety first responders, EMTs, police officers, and drivers using wheel chair tie-downs this belt cutter could save the lives of one of your loved ones. The unique grip support allows an entire hand much more stability and control when cutting a tattered belt compared to using finger-pull style belt cutters.

The Discount Ramps model number for the Q-Straint Emergency seat belt cutter is Q5-7590.  This Q-straint seat belt cutter is an essential rescue tool for any public safety first responder or anyone in an emergency situation. Made from a high quality, hardened plastic and featuring a extra razor sharp blade, the Q-straint seat belt cutter could be that few seconds difference between life and death for you or your loved ones. This compact and ultra-light rescue tool also maybe used to punch through the window of a vehicle if you need to access someone inside of a wreck. Many people fear wearing a seat belt in case they are trapped in a burning or sinking automobile. Electric windows will not work without power and would need to be shattered for one to escape. This surgically sharp blade will not only effortlessly cut through a tangled seat belt but will easily shatter a window. Please note: Discount Ramps recommends using a towel or shirt to protect your hand and forearm and will not take responsibility for any injuries while using this item.

If your are interested in purchasing this emergency seat belt cutter or would like to know more about it, please visit our wheelchair tie downs website.

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