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Dear Santa, help me get a gift before Christmas!

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Are you are racing to find that last minute Christmas gift, but don’t have enough time to have it shipped before Christmas Eve?   Look no further!  We have solved this time sensitive dilemma by offering Discount Ramps Gift Certificates. It offers a convenient way to have a gift certificate sent right to the recipients email.

Gift Certificates page

Here’s an example of how to fill out the gift certificate registration form.

* From
Santa Claus
* Card Value
Choose Card Value $5 $10 $15 $25 $50 $100 $250 $500
* Recipient Name
* Recipient Email
* Gift Message
Jay, you have been such a good boy all year! I’m sorry about breaking that lamp last year while delivering your gifts. Though you have to admit I had a good reason to get out of your house so quickly. Well with you attacking me with that baseball bat and all! I thought more about it after the cops released me from jail. I mean really, did you feel so threatened that you had to sign a restraining order against me? Oh well, Merry Christmas. Santa

This is a great gift option for all of the products listed on including:


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Happy gifting!  Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC

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