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How To: Cargo Roof Bars

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If you want to use a roof mounted accessory like a cargo basket or roof mounted bicycle carriers, you first need a set of crossbars.So how do you know which crossbar will work for your vehicle?

  • The first thing to determine is if you have side rails on your vehicle.
  • If you do not have side rails, you need our Universal Car Top Bar Carrier with self supporting feet.
  • If you have side rails, there are four measurements to determine which of our crossbars will work for your vehicle.
  • Compare your measurements to the table below to see which crossbar item # will work for your vehicle.
Roof Cargo Bars from Discount Ramps
Universal Bar Car Top Carrier from Discount Ramps

Cross Bar Measurement Fit Diagram

Cross Bar Measurement Fit Diagram

Item # A B C D
RLB-2301 No Min. – 46.5″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.75″ Min.
RLB-57045 36″ Min. – 43.25″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.25″ Max. 2″ Min.
RB-1001 No Min. – 43.25″ Max. 1″ Min. – 3.5″ Max. 1.5″ Max. 2″ Min.
RB-1004 32.5″ Min. – 44.25″ Max. 1″ Min. – 7.25″ Max 1.5″ Max. 1.75″ Min.
Click here for information on crossbars. Click here for information on Vehicle CargoProducts.
Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC

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