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Customer Stories – Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Stands

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Product feedback from Teknikscian on forum:

Here is a review from a very satisfied customer that purchased our Black Widow Motorcycle Lift Stands. He goes by the title Teknikscian on Motorcycle Forum  Read the full review here:

Teknikscian writes:

 Havent had a Bike in about 2 years since I sold my 04 GSXR :( but I finally got another bike, little bit of a fixer upper so I needed a good set of stands to go with it!
In my quest to build the most awesomest ever rr on a tight budget, there was no way I was going to spend the big bucks for pitbull stands. Ive used them before, and they are nice but I think they are too expensive.

I picked up these Black Widow stands from They sell lots of cool ramp/stand type accessories for bikes, Ive used them before for a couple ramps. Always had good luck with their stuff. When i saw that they were now offering Bike stands at a reasonable price I had to jump on it! 1 piece construction, nice heavy pipe and a nice powdercoating.

They make a couple different flavors, but I got the front (BW-06) and the rear (BW-14) for 89 + 34 shipping. Not a bad deal, and it got here in only 3 days!

Id recommend them to anyone, currently they are a 10/10 and have exceeded my expectations. We’ll see how they hold up to the abuse…

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