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Colorado Elk Hunt With Lets Go Aero

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This was submitted by Bob K, President of Discount Ramps.

Bob Bow Hunting Elk in Colorado!

I am Bob K, (president of Discount Ramps), an avid bow hunter and outdoorsman.  A dream of mine has always been to take a bow hunting trip out West for elk. A friend and I got a chance to make this dream happen this year. It was a do it yourself archery hunt on public land in Colorado. The tags were available over the counter to anyone so we new this would be a tough hunt because of the amount of people that use these public lands and the pressure it gets. Marty Williams, the owner of Lets Go Aero and a supplier of Discount Ramps, lives in Colorado Springs and is also an avid hunter agreed to show us some of the hot spots in South Central Colorado that he has hunted for the past 10 years. I was very grateful that Marty agreed to help out as I would have no clue where to start out in the huge state of CO. After a 17 hour drive we made it to Colorado Springs and stayed at Marty’s house. We work with Lets Go Aero via phone calls and emails but it was really nice to finally meet Marty and his wife and business partner Sara in person. Marty and Sara were kind enough to cook us a nice steak dinner the evening we arrived. We discussed our hunting plans, business and new product ideas that Marty had and then off to bed for another 5 hour drive to camp in the morning.

Marty (Lets Go Aero) & Bob (Discount Ramps)

After a total of 23 hours in the truck, we finally made it to our destination and set up camp. It took my friend and I over an hour to set up our outfitter tent. Marty brought along a slick new product of his called the GearWagon 125 (coming soon to Discount Ramps). We were really impressed that Marty had his camp set up in a matter of 10 minutes including the optional Tentris ArcHaus he brought along with him for a gear storage area.

The new Gear Wagon 125 by Lets Go Aero!

Although we did not come home with an elk we had a great time and did manage to see some large herds opening weekend. I would like to personally thank Marty and Sara for the hospitality and the time they spent with us to help out. This just goes to show what kind of people run Lets Go Aero. They are kind and always willing to help people out. Thank you!

Thanks sharing that great story Bob!

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Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC

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