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Meet the Team – Auction Site Department

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This was submitted by Debra M from our Auction Sites Department.

From left to right: Jeremy V, Debra M & Bob K

I would like to introduce myself and 2 co-workers I work closely with. In the picture from left to right are Jeremy, myself, and Bob. Jeremy has been with our company since spring 2009. He is a very talented individual who works with content development, product photography and graphic design, and helps to improve Discount Ramp’s web presence. Along with this, he also helps maintain a strong product line on Amazon, constantly adding new products and growing our presence there. I have have been with Discount Ramps since April 2005 and I absolutely LOVE MY JOB!!! I am currently the eBay and Amazon account managers. As such, I am responsible for answering emails, processing refunds, problem solving, etc for ebay and Amazon and our vast network of web sites. I am also the go-to person for returned products. Products returned are sold at a discount and I know what is available or can help you find what you are looking for, new or used. I also make sure those items, floor samples, discontinued products, and refused delivery items are listed on ebay and/or are sold. Bob started with the company in 2003. He set up and started our very successful ebay program from the ground before moving onto other functions within the company. He still helps maintain the site by adding new products whenever he can. This can be a never-ending job since Discount Ramps is constantly growing and offering a new array of products every week. He is not only our company sales manager but was recently promoted to company President. If anyone has a question about anything he’s the one who knows!!!

Thanks for sharing Debra!

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Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC

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