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Why do I have to call for expedited shipping?

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Here is a submission from Andy W. in our Sales Department answering a common question asked by our customers.

Question: Why do I have to call for expedited shipping?


Of the products that we sell, approximately half ship from our warehouse and the balance ship from the manufacturers directly to the consumer. The items that ship from our location ship via UPS and common carrier depending upon the particular item. UPS offers several options for residential and many more for delivery to a business; likewise for common carriers. Calling in allows us to confirm that the item is in stock, identify the day the product will ship out, and the delivery date avoiding confusion as to the date an item would ship out and be delivered eliminating contentious situations. In summary, we can confirm product availability as well as shipping and delivery dates.

The same applies with items shipped directly from the manufacturers and in addition many manufacturers use carriers other than UPS and offer whose pricing is not available as the rates charged are their negotiated rates.

Nobody likes surprises or misunderstandings and placing those expedited orders over the telephone we believe is the best method to avoid problems.

Thanks for sharing Andy!

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