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Zak and Mel’s Honda CB350K Photoshoot

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Mel from our web team and Zak, our video and social media guy, recently did a photoshoot with Zak’s Honda CB350K and wanted to share about the experience. Check out their story below.

Photography isn’t limited just to work for me. I regularly set-up photo shoots, do portrait work, weddings, and assist another photographer outside of work. When our video guy, Zak, picked up a vintage Honda CB350K in July I knew I’d want to do a photo shoot with him and his new/old bike. There’s something about vintage bikes, like Honda CB’s, Triumphs, and Nortons, that I really love. Maybe because living in the Milwaukee area my entire life I’ve been surrounded by Harleys, but  I really think it’s the simple, low, sleek, uncomplicated styling of those old bikes that is super cool to me. You don’t get much cooler than James Dean on a Triumph.

In October, we both had some time to get together on a Sunday to make the shoot happen. Another photographer I work with outside of work came along and let us use some brand new equipment on location  including Paul Buff Einstein Flash Units, Vegabond LiOn Battery Packs, and a large PLM Umbrella to name a few. After doing some scouting at a couple different locations we decided on shooting on an old steel bridge that runs over a river in the Town Barton, about 10 minutes from The bridge is not open to traffic, other than foot or bicycle traffic, and it’s old weathered steel structure is rusted with vines and trees growing up and around parts of the bridge.  The natural textures, and contrast between the straight lines of the man-made beams, and the vegetation curling around it is amazing. This is a perfect grungy backdrop to compliment the vintage bike and the perfect blue sky the day had presented to us.

The most time consuming part of a shot like this is deciding on composition, lighting, and exposure. Once that was dialed in, I fired away, making minor adjustments on the fly. The photo shoot went great, and I was very happy with the results. I feel Zak, the bridge, and the lighting technique combine to really accentuate the old bike and make it shine, even with the rough spots it’s accrued over the years.

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