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Meet the Team – Ray V

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Ray V in our Sales Department

My name is Ray and I am a Sales Representative for Discount Ramps.  I had no idea what this title or position would mean to me in the future.  After 5 years (and counting!) of dealing with all sorts of customers in all different walks of life, I realize that we INDEED provide valuable and necessary products for people!

I even bring my work home with me at times explaining to my wife and children about trailers we see on the roads and how we provide ramps for the drivers to load items on.  I explain to the them about when they see motorcycles in the back of pick-up trucks, that if they used our ramps, life would’ve been easier for them to load and unload.  Sometimes they see people walking their dogs, and the dogs are straining to keep up the pace with the owners.  I tell my kids that we actually have strollers that the dogs would be able to enjoy with the owners happily pushing them in!  Sometimes, at the grocery store or movie theaters, we see mobility carriers on the back of vehicles.  I tell my family that those carriers are vital for people to get around town so the people can use their mobility chairs to go shopping or visit relatives.

I am enjoying my career with Discount Ramps .Com as it provides me the opportunity to offer the necessary items that can greatly affect our daily lives.  That alone provides me with a reassuring feeling that my job is an extremely important one to have and be proud of!  There is a great sense of pride knowing that I am part of a team providing a valuable service working for a company such as Discount Ramps!

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