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All-in-One Pet Carrier Portable Sound Booth

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Zak, our video and social media guy wanted to share his homemade sound booth from a pet carrier.  Enjoy!

Here at Discount we shoot a lot of photos and video of our products. A little over a month ago, we shot a product video that needed a voice over (Kill Shot Game Cart). We recorded the voice over audio in our studio here at Discount After editing the audio and video together, we noticed that the audio had a very bad echo and sounded very tinny. That’s when we decided to build a Portable D.I.Y. Recording Booth. After doing a bunch of research and thinking of the best way to build the booth, our Creative Director Gary had the idea to use one of our pet strollers as the shell for the sound booth –

This worked out GREAT!

First we went to a local retail store and bought a foam egg-crate mattress pad. Once we had all the dimensions measured, we began to cut the egg-crate and fit it inside pet stroller. Next we fit our Sony lavalier microphone in-between the two layers of egg-crate, cut a hole in the second layer and then had the microphone come down into the sound booth. After some trial and error, the new All-in-One Pet Carrier Portable Sound Booth was born! The audio was 100% better than our previous recordings and allowed us to record professional sounding audio on location if needed.

If your a digital cinematographer on a budget, this may be one of the best ways to get professional sounding audio without spending a small fortune.

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