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Meet the Team – Andy W

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I’m a member of the sales department at Discount Ramps.Com. Although our duties are many, the most important is to offer technical advice and product recommendations. Our goal is to provide a product that will work safely for the application. We are successful many more times than not.

Helping individuals and families with wheelchair and mobility products is certainly most rewarding when we know individuals can come and go from their homes where they were unable to do so otherwise.

My primary concern is for the safety of the individuals and equipment, and I take a conservative approach to both. Nobody likes bad surprises such as items that do not work as intended and equipment being damage and people injured. You may not always like the answers you receive, but I provide the best advise that I can so that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Discount Ramps has an outstanding website and a very talented staff creating and maintaining our web pages. These pages provide far more information than most other websites, which makes my job easier as the answers to the vast majority of your phone calls are answered on the web page. When answers are not there, we find them for you and often have the information added to the page so those in the future will have access to those facts.

I enjoy seeking world peace, including any the use of force as is most often required, and a cure for cancer in my spare time. In addition, with the economy in the tank and NASA suffering budgetary cuts I’m exploring the privatization of NASA also. As you can well imagine, I’m quite busy in my “off” time. I’d love to write more but my watch is beeping. It is time for my meds and it is very important that I stay medicated. I’m compiling a portfolio of photos of all the people in my head but there appears be a population explosion so it may be a while. I’d hate to miss anyone as I’d never hear the end of it. Have a special day.

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