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Being a Sales Representative for Discount Ramps

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Below is a post from Ray about the responsibilities of our wonderful sales representatives!

“Being a sales representative for Discount Ramps is more than just a job selling items from our website.  Our position carries with it a large amount of responsibilities.  We are trained to properly determine which products would work the best for each individual application.  Although we try and help the customer purchase the products they want or need,  we sometimes, unfortunately, have to tell our customers that they cannot use our items for one reason or another.  Those reasons may be due to safety, or product choice, or many other circumstances.

We take great pride in making sure the customer will be safe and satisfied with our recommendations.  As, stated before, being a sales representative for Discount Ramps is more than just taking orders, we are determined to keep our customers safe and satisfied with the choices they make while using our products.”

Thanks Ray!

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