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Video – Boat GunwaleTie-Down Strap

Secure a boat to a trailer with the boat gunwale tie-down strap. The gunwale tie-down strap is designed to go over the center of the back half of a boat then be hooked onto both sides of a trailer to restrict vertical movement and keep the boat secure on the trailer. Includes (2) hooks that are vinyl coated to keep the trailer protected from scratches. To ensure that the boat gunwale tie-down strap is secure the strap should be tightened so there is no slack. To tighten the gunwale tie-down strap pull the loose end of the strap through the zinc alloy plated quick release buckle until there is no slack. On the back of the gunwale strap, behind the buckle, is a protective pad that keeps the buckle from scratching the boat or trailer. Features an integrated velcro strap that can be wrapped around the quick release to ensure that the buckle keeps the strap secure. Avoid placing the boat tie-down strap across sharp edges on the boat or trailer as they can rub against the straps causing them to fray and eventually break.

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