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Customer Stories – Black Widow Motorcycle Stands User Review

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Black Widow Motorcycle Stands
User Review
Black Widow Motorcycle Stands Product Details
Item #: BW-06-12

In this write up Im going to introduce you to the Black Widow Motorcycle Stands. For those of you already familiar with them or the like, this will serve as a reminder to break them out and use them to jack up your Rebel vs. having the spousal unit hold an end of the bike in the air while you work.

For those of you not familiar with them this will be an eye opening solution to a common problem every Rebel owner has; getting your Rebel off the ground to work on it. Its a working solution and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it does its job. The cost factor, however, will require some mulling and aforementioned spousal unit approval.

Virtually any options you opt for are going to set you back a bit. There are cheap jacks available from Sears, Larin, Pep Boys, and even some clones from Harbor Freight. These types of jacks will get your scoot in the air with some minor modifications. The hydraulic floor jacks need to slide under the Rebel in the center and the first thing they want to do is lift your bike from the exhaust pipes. This is verboten and why the modifications are required. In the end, youve got a jack supporting your scoot usually right where you need to work.

If you opt for a quality Larin jack it will cost you as much or more as the solution I chose, while you get a solid jack, the whole concept is still jacked because you need to modify it to work properly. The solution I opted for gives you a working product right out of the box with no modifications necessary and they are out of your way.

The fact of the matter is that you can slap something together at home to get your Rebel in a workable position. Some have created custom wood lifts that do the job, but they are still in the way. One creative user in the forum illustrated the ease at which a bike can be lifted with a hammer. Of course, they need to be as stealthy as a cat burglar.

The alternative, you can have the man in the brown step-van bring you some goodies. For me, I not only like the brown goodie van but I take pleasure in knowing I have some nice looking tools that just get the job done.

The Black Widow Motorcycle Stands can be had via:

Once you’re done ogling the girls, check out the stands and see what you think. I opted for Kit # 2 BW-06-12. Total cost with shipping to me $123.99.

Lets get started

* Standing room only *

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 681)Image

The Honda Rebel can easily accommodate floor stands. Ive spent the better part of the last three months contemplating what method I would choose to jack up my Rebel so that I can work on it. Ive searched, measured, researched and then when it came time to caring for my chain, I had enough and pulled the trigger on the Black Widows.

I was never sure that the Rebel could be supported by floor stands. There is only one or two posts on that even mention the idea and while they validated the feasibility, they were not all that informative.

Feasible, yes, 123 easy, not so much and here is the reason for that.

* Rear Stand *

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 681)Image

The Rebel has a traditional double sided swingarm which the lift can grab on to. The problem lies in the exhaust pipes as they run nearly side-by-side with the swingarms almost all the way to the rear.

This can make it slightly complicated to get the stand in there. Its truly not all that difficult but it does take a little bit of finesse.

* Contact *

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 681)Image

In the picture above you can see that the product works as it should but you need to get the lift pad just right. You can also see where the stand comes into contact with the exhaust pipe. It is very slight but the coating on the tube of the stand is gentle on the chrome.

* Quality *

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 681)Image

There are some really sweet floor stands out there on the market. So many to choose from with expensive names like: Pit Bull, Steel Horse, and R & R racing. I really like the Pit Bull stands but the cost factor is outrageous.

The Black Widows are surprisingly well made. They look great and are made of strong materials. In the picture above is a shot of the tubing and two of the four nylon wheels that support the front and rear stands. Not bad for $89.99. I do believe in getting what you pay for but in this case, I took the chance and actually got a bit more.

* Front stand method *

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 681)Image

There are basically two options available when it comes to lifting your bike from the forks. One option is a sort of double peg cradle method that can certainly do the job. The second method, the one I went with, is the solid pin

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