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In-Depth Review – SMC-600R Motorcycle Carrier Product Review on SuperStreetBike.Com

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SMC-600R Motorcycle Carrier
Product Review on SuperStreetBike.Com
SMC-600R Motorcycle Carrier Product Details
Item #: SMC-600R

The Best… Ways to Haul Your Bike

Many of us don’t own a pickup truck but still need to transport our bike now and again, but what do we do if all we have is a four-banger cage? Rental services prey on the ill-prepared, so stop wasting money and start shopping for a longterm solution. Circumstances best suited for a toy hauler range from untimely repair issues to trips to the track (ride in and wreck out equals double trouble). Whether your four-wheeled mode of transport is an SUV, car or van, it is going to need some hauling hardware.

Not every tow hitch is created equal—each is only as strong as its weakest component (hitch, receiver and ball). Hit the books and find out what your vehicle and hitch assembly can handle. Overloading it could bend your vehicle’s frame, put your bike in danger and weaken the tow components. Trying to sell your insurance on how your trashed bike was an innocent victim of degraded road conditions or hauler failure won’t fly. When in doubt, install an oversized hitch or strengthen your current setup with some homegrown fabrication (welding skills required).

A small sedan may barely have the same horsepower as your literbike but it will still tow a small trailer, albeit rather slowly. Safely pulling a trailer of any size comes down to proper weight distribution though. A trailer heavy in the rear will create sway, while excessively loading the front reduces maneuverability and wears on your vehicle.

Truck or van owners who don’t want to deal with wait times and redundant DMV trailer paperwork have the option of a motorcycle carrier. Similar to a beefed up bike rack, the bike hangs in the balance of a center-mounted assembly. Most carriers suggest a Class III hitch but it will be in your best interest to step up to a Class IV for the added piece of mind.

For the big dogs out there, an enclosed trailer is the only way to transport a trick ride. Cruise into a show with one of these and people will know you mean business. This option requires horsepower and a hefty hitch.

Big or small, expensive or homemade, there is most likely an option out there for your bike. Not every hauler comes out of the box ready to go but with proper preparation no distance will be too far for you and your bike. A cross-country jaunt to North America’s many scenic roads and tracks sounds like a dream vacation after all.

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