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Read This For a Good Deal

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I was doing some reading recently about the shopping habits of people who buy online…Which means just about all of us these days, but I wanted actual facts and statistics, so I decided to do a bit of searching.  I was hoping to find something specific about the mindset of people who shop sales and clearances, figuring this is a “type” of shopper with their own unique set of twitches and triggers.

I have a sister who is definitely that type. With everything. She finds unbelievable discounts on clothing for her kids, entertainment coupons galore, even half off a 50 pound bag of the best oatmeal I’ve ever eaten (50 lbs!). She works very, very hard at finding those deals, and she

While I did unearth some interesting information, I was unable to find that single, awesome infographic that sums up at a glance the psyche of the bargain hunter. What I found instead was research revealing details like this:

Apparently, men respond much more frequently to a price that is listed in the color red. Not sure if that translates to prices listed on a website (vs. in-person signage at a brick and mortar), but I thought that was interesting.

Or graphs illustrating that Kuwait is the e-shopping leader in the Middle East and North Africa.

And you wouldn’t believe the crazy, spaghetti bowl flow charts that mapped out processes I couldn’t even begin to explain.

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