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How To: Determine the length of ramp needed to load my motorcycle

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What length of ramp should I purchase to load my motorcycle?

Recommended motorcycle ramp lengths based on the tailgate height of your truck for stock motorcycles
(These recommendations are based on a motorcycle with 64″ wheelbase and 5.5″ of ground clearance). If your motorcycle is longer than this or lower, please call for assistance.

Tailgate Maximum Height Motorcycle Wheelbase* Motorcycle Ground Clearance* Ramp Length
30″ 64″ 5.5″ 89″ long
34″ 64″ 5.5″ 94″ long
36″ 64″ 5.5″ 108″ long
39″ 64″ 5.5″ 120″ long

*Ground clearance is determined by measuring the lowest point of the motorcycle 1/2 way between the front and rear wheels (normally under the engine)
*Wheelbase is determined by measuring from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel

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