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What makes the Prairie View Industries (PVI) brand of portable access ramps the safest in today’s market?

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Prairie View Industries is a leading manufacturer of portable and modular ramp systems which are designed with the user’s (consumer’s) safety in mind. Prairie View Industries, Inc. is committed to providing product features on our products designed for consumer safety.

  • Following is a list of key features that are found on PVI portable wheelchair ramps:
  • PVI’s Single-fold, Multi-fold, Utility, Solid, Side Door Van ramp and Rear Door Van ramps are uniquely listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). Today PVI is the only ramp manufacturer in the medical field to have its products safety tested by UL. In order for a portable access ramp to be listed by UL it must be able to carry four times its rated capacity. Three separate tests are conducted which are 1. Single axle test. 2. Double Axle test. 3. Hook test. The ramp must be able to sustain each test for a period of three minutes at the 4 times safety requirement.
  • Attention- Even though PVI ramps have been tested to 4 times their rated capacity, do not exceed the ramps rated capacity.
  • PVI’s full platform design provides maximum stability while in use. This feature provides safety for the consumer in that it is the most stable for use.
  • PVI Multi-fold and Utility ramps contain a patented center joint hinge that eliminates a major pinch point. Any other manufacturer that has a multi-fold style ramp does not have a safety feature that eliminates the major pinch point that exists in the center portion of the ramp. Our patented hinge provides additional strength as well.
  • PVI ramps are surfaced with skid resistant tape which provides superior traction, even when wet.
  • The PVI Multi-fold and Utility ramps have a visual aid attached that indicates if the ramp is on a safe slope prior to its use. This visual aid allows the care giver to quickly identify if the ramp is on a safe slope prior to its use. This slope is based on a 2:12 slope ratio. No other ramp in the industry has this type of safety feature designed for consumer safety.
  • Each portable ramp contains a DVD which covers all the safety do’s and don’ts while using portable ramps. Again, PVI wants to ensure the consumer is educated on slope ratios, how to use portable ramps properly and so forth prior to and during use. No other manufacturer is doing this.
  • Welded fabrication. Very important as well. A weld is much stronger than rivet. A weld is always stronger and will provide the structural integrity needed over the long term.
  • All Multi-fold and Utility ramps have the ability to be separated into two sections for ease in carrying for those with limited lifting abilities. Safety again for the consumer. Lighter carrying weights equate into less back and shoulder strain. The PVI feature for separating the ramps is a simple flip of the locking cam. There are not any pins to remove and possibly use.


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