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How Discount sells products so cheap

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Discount Ramps.Com has Quality Ramps & Products at Cheap Prices

Often customers ask us how we sell our products so cheap. We do, because that’s our goal.

We offer products that have gone thru a “best value” determination review process. Only those products that receive highest marks in their respective product category are placed for sale on our web site. Some of the things we look for are product quality, ability of product to perform as intended, and supplier capabilities. There are hundreds of products annually that we reject because they don’t meet our “best value” criteria. We do not sell cheap ramps and products at inflated prices…We sell quality ramps and products at cheap prices!

We operate in a “best practices” mind set. When we receive your order, we email an order confirmation. When we ship your order, we email tracking information. This is an automated process based upon the email address you supplied during the ordering process. We know that if we can give you timely information and you receive your product promptly and in good condition, in addition to creating a satisfied customer, we minimize our customer service costs.

We try to offer the “best information” on our product pages. It is our intention to show the product, dimensions and capacities so our customers can make informed buying decisions. We are loading experts. Having all the knowledge in the world is useless unless it is shared. We know that if we can effectively communicate what we know we have satisfied customers that are getting the right products.

If we are successful at offering you the best products, the best service and the best product information, we are able to keep our costs down and offer you the best & cheapest prices. That is our never-ending mission and that is why when we say that we offer cheap ramps, cheap helmets, etc… we are referring to the price and not the quality of the actual item.

We have found that many people have praised our cheap prices on motorcycle helmets, skateboarding ramps, dog strollers, ramps & many of our other discounted products!

Please don’t hesitate to use our contact form to let us know about products that we don’t currently offer. We will be happy to look in to the possibility of stocking that product in the future so that we can offer it at our discounted cheap prices!

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