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Father’s Day: What kind of dad do you have?

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father-knows-bestIt may have taken a while, but you finally wised up enough to figure out your old man actually knows a little something about something. Why not show him how smart you’ve gotten in appreciating that fact, plus a thanks for all he does for you, with an awesome – not lame – gift this year for Father’s Day?

To help you in that pursuit, we’ve created the following pigeonhole categories to describe all (most) of the father-types out there, along with links to corresponding gifty areas of interest. This will point you in the right direction, where you’ll see tons of ideas, one of which is sure to flip Daddy-O’s lid.

Should you get your selection narrowed down but can’t quite drop the hammer, ring us up and speak with one of our terrific Product Experts. (They may not know yet that Personal Shopper has been added to their job description, but they’ll definitely be able to help you out.)

So keep your eyes peeled! Specific items for each “brand of dad” will be suggested on our Facebook page in these coming days leading up to the celebration of all things patriarchal, along with a special Father’s Day board of inspired gift ideas on Pinterest.

One other thing: when you follow us on Facebook, we’ll have a special discount offer you can use to save a little dough on the big purchase. And won’t that impress your pop?!?

Here you go:

Gearhead Dad (motorcycles, cars & trucks) – Hangs out in his shop most of the time, can fix anything mechanical, usually has grease under his fingernails.

Sportsman Dad (hunting, fishing) – Lives in camouflage, adores meat, levitates a little bit when the weather starts to cool and fall approaches.

Athletic Dad (bicycling, golfing) – Enjoys the fresh air and early mornings, taken to wearing shirts that are obnoxious either in their retina-peeling brightness or pretentious left chest insignia. This is the Grey Poupon group of dads.

Outdoorsy Dad (camping, boating) – Granola eating, sandal wearing dad who smells of bug spray or sunscreen or both; spends an inordinate amount of time listening to the weather report.

dad grillingExtreme Dad (snowmobiles, ATVs) – Yes, yes, he still has the Need for Speed, which often results in the Need to Do a Lot of Repairs to Equipment. This dad breaks a lot of stuff.

Green Thumb Dad (lawn, garden) – Obsessive about every blade of grass in his lawn or potato bug that rolls into town, suffers saddle sores from extended hours logged on riding mower, makes frequent trips to the local garden center for “one more thing.”

Fanatic Dad (football, baseball, etc) – A bit of a loudmouth and a livewire, often in charge of coordinating and executing Operation Tailgate.

Grill Master Dad (patio, barbecue) – Also adores meat (ref. Sportsman Dad, above), has a vaguely smoky aroma about him, spends extended periods of time sitting in a lawn chair looking at nothing.

Handy Dad (repairs, improvements) – A male Martha Stewart who can rig or build anything around the house that needs a fixing. Also, makes many, frequent trips to the local hardware store for “one more thing.” (Ref. Green Thumb Dad, above.)

Man’s Best Friend Dad (pets) – Even though he drives a dually, this dad is known for the little doggy perched on his lap as they cruise through town on errands and, though inseparable, Doggy often has a little accident whenever they are reunited after any length of time apart.

Did you find your dad in any of these categories? Don’t forget to check out our Father’s Day gift ideas on Facebook and Pinterest and to get your hands on the upcoming discount code!

Happy Father’s Day!

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