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Purchasing an item online

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Paying for items purchased online

What is the fastest way for me to pay for an online order?
The fastest way to pay for an order is calling the vendor offering the item for sale. If they are a reputable company, you will have no problem finding their phone number and address on their site.

Can I pay for items online, without making a phone call?
If you want to pay online, always look for a secure checkout on the vendor’s website. If you are not sure if it is secure, look in the lower right corner on your browser and you should see a closed padlock icon.

The padlock icon should look like this image: lockIf you do not see this, the site is not secure and information can be hijacked by anyone knowing how to break into the site. If the lock is there and if it says “https://” at the beginning of the websites url, you should have nothing to worry about.

Is there a way to pay for an item by not going through the vendor website?
Use a secure online service such as,, or A Google search may yield more sites. Most sites such as these will ask you to set up an account by asking you for information to confirm who you are, such as bank account etc. Once done, you can use these sites safely and securely over and over. These sites are usually pretty tough to break into and have information stolen.

What is the most common online site vendors prefer?
Paypal is the most common site and is very easy to use. There are tutorials and a help desk to assist you. Also, the vendor you wish to pay should be able to help you.

Why do I see charges on my PayPal account that isn’t mine?
This is a sign your account has been broken into. Most likely you signed into the account through an email that appeared to be legitimate but wasn’t. Never, ever, will any of these accounts ask you to verify information by typing in your passwords etc. via email. These emails can look very very real but they are not. If you see such charges, that are not yours, contact PayPal immediately.

How do I know my PayPal payment went through?
You will always receive an email telling you the payment has been made.

What kinds of methods can I use PayPal to pay for an item?
You can use instant funds from money in your PayPal account (if you’ve received payments from others people.) You can use your checking account (similar to using a debit card at an ATM machine.) You may use any credit card you have on file with PayPal. You can use an e-check. E-checks are not instant and take several business days to clear (similar to actually writing a check.)

I made a PayPal payment but it says “payment pending”. What does that mean?
This means you did not make an instant payment. Rather you chose to pay via e-check. E-checks always take about 4-5 business days to clear. You may see the item marked paid, but the vendor does not receive their payment until the check has cleared the bank. If there is any question, always call the vendor.

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