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Product Roundup: Made in the USA

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Made in USA TagA poll conducted a few years back by the folks at Harris Interactive shows that “Made in the USA” is pretty important for most Americans in their buying decisions, as it influences about 3 in 5 of us. That number begins to vary slightly, however, when you drill it down further by age and region, with it being a factor of greater importance for U.S. adults age 55+. It also tends to play a bigger role for people living in the Midwest as opposed to the east coast and the South, or on the west coast, where it carries the least weight. In general, though, if we can find the product we need AND it is manufactured domestically, most Americans view that as a very big positive.

Since everybody’s feeling all patriotic and full of national pride with Independence Day having just been celebrated, we thought we’d do a Product Roundup of just a few of the U.S.-made products we have available.

Big Boy II Motorcycle Ramp


Whatever kind of bike you ride, whether it’s a cruiser, sport bike or even any of your other toys, this 2-piece motorcycle ramp system is perfect for loading onto a trailer or pickup truck. These deluxe ramps for motorcycles and other equipment have tons of features to make the process safe and seamless and allow you to load your motorcycle either by riding or walking it on board.

Hitch Cargo Box

Have some extra tools or equipment you can’t quite fit inside your car or truck? This hard plastic cargo carrier is enclosed to protect your items from the elements and carries up to 350 lbs.

ATV Drop Basket Carrier

atv-drop-basket-3MLDR65If you’re headed out into the woods or field on your quad, you’ll have plenty of room to carry extra gear, tools, clothing or other supplies with this four-wheeler rear rack. It’s made of lightweight aluminum.

Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs and Walkers


A quality wheelchair ramp constructed of recycled polymers helps make the transition through a doorway much smoother for those using a walker, power scooter or power chair.

Bed Pet Stairs

bed-pet-stairs-1DS2-If your pet is getting on in years and struggles with climbing into bed each night, these wooden dog stairs are just the thing. The dog step is available in multiple 2- and 3-step configurations, with several finishes to match your decor.

Aluminum Truck Rack


If you’ve ever broken the rear window of your pickup from hauling ladders, lumber, rakes or shovels in the bed, you know how frustrating and expensive it can be! Rugged Rack truck racks protect the back window and also prevent dents and scratches.

So…How strong of an influence does that “Made in USA” label have for you?

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