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How To: Determine if a hitch mounted carrier will work with my vehicle

Jul 23, 13 • How-To, Vehicle CargoNo CommentsRead More »

Will a carrier work with my vehicle?


A hitch mounted carrier will work safely with some vehicles; however, there are other factors that are inherent in using a carrier. Please make sure to get answers for all of the following questions to determine if a hitch mounted carrier will work safely with your vehicle:

Do you have a hitch on the vehicle? If yes, what is the tongue weight carrying capacity of the trailer hitch? What size is the receiver hole, (1 1/4 or 2 inch square)? How much will your vehicle safely carry?

I recommend calling the local dealer for your vehicle and asking them if your vehicle will carry the weight of the carrier plus the weight of what you intend to carry. If your suspension will not safely carry the weight you may need to modify your vehicle by installing: air shocks, suspension air bags or different springs to accommodate the weight of the hitch mounted carrier and the weight of your vehicle. The dealership can tell you if this is needed and the cost.

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