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Road Warrior 2013 Photo Contest

Aug 23, 13 • PromotionsComments OffRead More »
I am the rocker! I am the roller! I am the out-of-controller!

–Nightrider, “Mad Max” (1979)

Ever feel this way with a stretch of road before you? Hopefully, you don’t get TOO crazy (safety first, kids), but if you’ve racked up some miles on your motorcycle this summer, you get the idea. And even though it’s not an out-and-out motorcycle flick (Nightrider drove a car, after all), “Mad Max” is worth a re-watch if you haven’t seen it in a while because there’s a ton of still-thrilling bike action in the movie that tickles a special little brain fold we all know exists in every road warrior out there.


To celebrate this road warrior mentality we love so much, Discount Ramps is throwing a little photo contest. It’s pretty straight forward, the goal being to catch a glimpse of an awesome driver (you) on an awesome machine (your motorcycle) oozing awesomeness. It extends from August 26 through September 15, so you’ve got plenty of time to capture that once-in-a-lifetime image, perhaps at the upcoming Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary, or maybe it’s a shot you already captured at Sturgis a few weeks back. But then again, your best motorcycle shot may have presented itself when it was just you tooling around on some back roads you’ve always wanted to check out… Point is, be a little creative, keep it clean and send us material that shows off your machine in its best light.

motorcycle-jack-lift-3Just go to the app on our Facebook page, Like us to “get inside,” and you will see where to upload your mind-blowing picture, along with all the rules and regulations put forth by The Man. Once you have that handled, you’ll need to sing it from the mountain tops to your best pals and family that you’ve entered the Road Warrior Photo Contest because the image accumulating the most votes at the end of the contest wins. Simple as that. Oh, and you’ll need to check back on the contest page every so often to see if you are the conquering hero so that we can get a hold of you and lavish you with a fabulous prize.

And exactly what’s in store for the top vote-getter, besides the eternal love and admiration of your family, friends, acquaintances and the general public? The Winner receives a Black Widow Motorcycle Jack Lift, an über-useful addition to any garage’s arsenal. It’s a motorcycle lift that hoists up to 1500 lbs. with a hydraulic foot pedal or removable jack handle for the maintenance, repair or general admiration of your baby. This motorcycle lift has a couple of rear swivel casters to make it maneuverable, some built-in tie points to make it safe, and it’s valued at 100 clams. Believe us, you will LOVE using this lift! So enter the contest. Do it.


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