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Customer Stories – Robert Bags Black Tail Buck

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Recently, a customer was kind enough to share photos of his successful deer hunt in which he used the Kill Shot Game Cart and the Kill Shot Game Hoist to assist. Here are those gorgeous pics, along with some of the details.

Submitted by:

Mr. Robert Bisnett, Central California

Image courtesy of Robert Bisnett

Tell us about yourself and your hunting experience.

I am a 63 year old, somewhat disabled, archer/hunter who goes it alone. Last year, I took up hunting, got a buck and had one hell of a time with it. I had to go seek assistance for loading but was fortunate enough to have dropped it close to a road.

How did your hunt go this year?

I took another buck (this year) in the early archery season, and it was a breeze. I used the game cart to haul it out several hundred yards to the back of my truck and winched it up for field dressing. Everything worked perfect.

The only suggestion I would have is to make the instruction book for assembly of the cart legible. Thankfully, I am somewhat mechanical and easily put it together. If the handle was reversible, it would make it much easier to use for (us) taller hunters – I’m 6’6″.

How big was the deer?

The hanging weight was 155 pounds, which is on the larger side for California Black Tails. A nice 3×3 (or as you Easterners say, a six point(er).

Image courtesy of Robert Bisnett

Where were you hunting?

I was hunting on my own property in the Sonora area of the California Gold Country amongst oak trees, granite boulders and brush. It was very warm with temperatures reaching 100 in the afternoon.

How long did you wait before siting the buck and taking a shot?

I hand built (a) blind out of tree trimmings and grasses (and) was on the blind (an) hour before sunrise on the 12th day of hunting. (I) took up a firing position and remained frozen for two hours. While waiting for the buck, which I had spotted the prior day, two grey foxes walked 10 feet in front of me. I was in full camo, and they never noticed me. The buck finally appeared, and I waited it out until he was about 30 yards away and released the bolt from my crossbow. He went about 100 yards before going down from the lung shot.

You mentioned you are a solo hunter with some mobility limitations. How did you move the buck once he was down?

I have a disc issue (in addition to) having three foot surgeries this year, so the game cart was a godsend. (I) just rolled him onto it and then 200 yards to my truck. I then attached the gambrel to his front legs, hoisted him up, cleaned him out and swiveled him into the back of my truck. (The) tailgate of my F250 was easily cleared by the winch – up, around and down. As a solitary hunter, this is the only way to go.

After that, a drive to the processor with the deer’s head displayed above the tailgate. I received a lot of envious looks and honks.

Congratulations, Mr. Bisnett, on bagging a beautiful deer, and thank you for sharing your story with us!

I used the game cart to haul (the buck) out several hundred yards to the back of my truck and winched it up for field dressing. Everything worked perfect.

Here is some detail on the equipment Mr. Bisnett used in the field to help transport his buck:

Moving Game and Gear

The Kill Shot Game Cart does the heavy lifting to and from the field for any type of hunt where terrain is rough and access by vehicle is limited. It is a rugged steel cart that transports white tails, muleys, bear, or any game up to 500 pounds and works well for carrying gear, too. Durable ¾” steel axles support 18½” solid rubber tires on steel rims with steel spokes, so you don’t ever have to worry about getting a flat. Weighing in at just 30 pounds, the Kill Shot Game Cart has a dull brown powder coat finish and requires no tools for assembly. Storage is easy, too, by just removing the wheels and side braces.

Dressing and Loading Your Deer

The Kill Shot Game Hoist elevates deer and other game weighing up to 500 pounds for flushing and cooling the body cavity. It can also be used to load game into the bed of your pickup truck with a 360° rotating arm that locks into four positions. It is a steel-constructed, hitch-mounted lift system for 2” Class III or Class IV receivers that raises from 81” to 95¾” high (depending of the height of the hitch) and is stabilized with a foot support that adjusts from 1/8” to 15”. Truck tailgates are still accessible with 25½” clearance. The Kill Shot Game Hoist includes a 24” wide gambrel, and comes with a 19½’ reinforced lift strap.

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