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Cyber Monday 2013

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December 2 is Cyber Monday this year, an American shopping phenomenon that has gained international legs since its inception in 2005. Always the Monday following Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday evolved as an extension of Black Friday, one of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year, whereby gift-givers could finish up their shopping To-Do’s left from the previous Friday.

And why on a Monday?  At the time, few people had high-speed internet connections at home and, rather than suffer and grind through painfully slow dial-up at home, many opted to wait until they were back in the office on Monday to finish their lists when the boss wasn’t looking. These days, many people have equally fast service from their mobile devices, but, nonetheless, Cyber Monday remains a prime shopping event because so many retailers offer up their best deals and discounts just for this day.

Each year, Cyber Monday sales have jumped dramatically, with estimates from 2012 hitting between $1.5 – $2 billion; this year is projected to follow suit. Almost 40% of holiday shopping is expected to be online this year, with Cyber Monday sales holding greater appeal with the under 40 crowd at 60% of that demographic. It’s also interesting to note that online shoppers tend to be pretty generous in their gift –giving to themselves, averaging almost $160 on items intended for their own use.

If you aren’t already on board with Cyber Monday and online shopping, there are many compelling reasons to join the fun.

  • Shopping online allows you to compare prices for the best deals.
  • You are free to shop online at your convenience, whenever you wish, even in your pajamas or without a shave.
  • There are no crowds to fight, interminably long lines or break-neck battles for a parking space.
  • You can do your shopping piecemeal without having to burn big blocks of time with exhausting day-long trips to the mall.
  • Shop from your computer when the kids are asleep or playing outside; you won’t need a sitter, and they’ll still be surprised.
  • If you were out of town for Thanksgiving and unable to take advantage of the Black Friday door buster sales, no worries. Many retailers offer their best deals on Cyber Monday.

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