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  • Meet the Team – Allison

    Apr 17, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Allison

    Prior to joining Discount Ramps.Com as a web designer, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from UW-Green Bay and am currently finishing up a technical certificate in web design. I joined the Discount Ramps.Com team because it gives me the opportunity to work in a field that I love. One of my greatest influences [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Michelle

    Apr 11, 12 • Meet the Team2 Comments
    Meet the Team – Michelle

    Hi, my name is Michelle! I have been working in Customer Service for Discount Ramps.Com since May 2008.  I work directly with customers who call or email looking for information on orders, returns or if they have a problem. I also handle sales and shipping issues as well. The best part of the position is [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Gus

    Mar 27, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Gus

    As Purchasing Manager, I am responsible for purchasing new and existing foreign and domestic products as well as testing them.  I have been with Discount Ramps for 9 years. I think the best part about working in Purchasing is dealing with a variety of people and products. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Andy W

    Mar 13, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Andy W

    I’m a member of the sales department at Discount Ramps.Com. Although our duties are many, the most important is to offer technical advice and product recommendations. Our goal is to provide a product that will work safely for the application. We are successful many more times than not. Helping individuals and families with wheelchair and [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Jay T

    Feb 28, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Jay T

    My name is Jay and I am in the Sales Department here at Discount I hold an Electronics Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College in Milwaukee, WI. My father was a Master Leather Craftsman who migrated his family from Mexico to Wisconsin. Spanish was my first language, but I mastered English at a very [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Jeremy

    Feb 16, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Jeremy

    Working at Discount Ramps is an opportunity to meld personal creativity with product representation on a level geared toward customer satisfaction. On a daily basis we refine product information and strive to provide a critically accurate representation in imagery, video, and content for our customers to make educated purchases.  As a web and graphic designer, [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Cherie

    Feb 9, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Cherie

    I am currently working in the Accounting Department as the Accounting Manager. I started at Discount Ramps.Com back in September of ‘09 as Accounting Clerk and was promoted in June of 2011.  I presently oversee all areas of accounting, day to day task, month end closings and work closely with other departments.  Every day at [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Andrea W

    Feb 7, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Andrea W

    My name is Andrea and I am a web developer at Discount Ramps. I enjoy working with the web team, being able to learn new things and to be creative. It’s not unlikely to find me sampling some new tea, pondering an olfactory conundrum, sporting hand-knit Yoda ears, or confusing Marty. I also appreciate the [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Marty

    Jan 31, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Marty

    I’m Marty and I am the Shipping & Warehouse manager at Discount Ramps.Com and have had the pleasure of working here for almost 4 years. In my previous life, I worked in the grocery business for just short of 40 years, with the last 30 of those years in management or as part of a [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Andrea

    Jan 26, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Andrea

    Hello, my name is Andrea. I am 35, married to my best friend, and the mother of two boys. I joined the Discount Ramps team in July 2011. I work in the Accounting Department as an accounting clerk. I currently have my Associate degree and will have my Bachelor degree in early March. I really [&hellip...