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  • Meet the Team – Jan

    Jan 24, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Jan

    Hi.  I’m Jan and I work part-time in Customer Service at Discount Ramps.Com.  I have been with Discount Ramps.Com since March of 2009 and I enjoy my job very much.  One of the greatest aspects of my job is that I get to speak with customers from all over the country.  I really enjoy this [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Gary

    Jan 17, 12 • Meet the Team1 Comment
    Meet the Team – Gary

    My name is Gary and I’ve been with Discount Ramps since 2006. When I started working here I was a web designer and worked mainly on adding new products and making updates to the website. I also worked on building many of the other Discount Ramps Network websites. After 3 years, I was promoted to [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Mark

    Jan 5, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Mark

    My name is Mark and I have been an employee with Discount Ramps.Com since May of 2002. I am a part-time Sales Representative among other duties with the company. I work full time for the City of West Bend Fire Department as a FF/Paramedic. That is how I became friends with and eventually worked for [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Zak

    Jan 3, 12 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Zak

    I am the head of the Video/Photography Production and Social Media Department here at Discount where Ive been working for over a three years now. Since I was a young I’ve been playing with photography & video equipment. After high school, I moved to Orlando, Florida to continue my passion for photography & video. [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Ray V

    Dec 29, 11 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Ray V

    My name is Ray and I am a Sales Representative for Discount Ramps.  I had no idea what this title or position would mean to me in the future.  After 5 years (and counting!) of dealing with all sorts of customers in all different walks of life, I realize that we INDEED provide valuable and [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Kirk B

    Dec 23, 11 • Meet the Team4 Comments
    Meet the Team – Kirk B

    I have worked in the Sales department with Discount Ramps for 5 years and specialize in the development of heavy duty, custom, and military products. Hobbies/Interests include Astro-Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science and Cartogaphy.. Painting, writing and creating novel-useful bicycles & related items may occupy Idle hours. I enjoy reading Greek Classics, history and Indy Authors. Currently [&hellip...

  • Meet the Team – Karen A

    Dec 21, 11 • Meet the TeamNo Comments
    Meet the Team – Karen A

    My name is Karen Alliet and I am the Shipping Coordinator for DiscountRamps.Com. I process all UPS and Freight orders that leave from our warehouse in West Bend, WI. I have had extensive training in UPS Worldship, UPS Trackpad and processing International Documents (NAFTA, SED, etc). Along with the extensive on the job training, I [&hellip...